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Don't Crush That Dwarf,

Hand Me The Pliers!

8 May
I'm a university student full time and I work part time, so I have had to chain all my free time to my schedule. It's been complaining loudly, so don't mind the noises. I like rock, trance, world and classical music. I haven't been in a choir in so long I think the higher range of my vocal chords may have gone off on a Cumulonimbus. I'm back to eating books instead of food, after a long hiatus since high school, and any suggestions on what I should have next are much appreciated. Most of my aqaintances, and all of my friends, would tell you I lost my sanity sometime back, not that I've ever really tried to retrieve it. My little brother is by far the cutest kid on the planet, even when being a brat. And my dog almost never wakes up. Actually...*poke*....*pokepoke*..Oh it's okay, she is just sleeping.

Please feel free to say hi anytime!


Much love to the Potter Puffs, whose art I adore and whose icons I steal.

PotterPuffs are love


And to Yukipon, whose art must be seen to be believed.

Severus/Harry is Snarry Love